Captain Stellar Finds His Dream Team

Captain Stellar is a fast-paced superhero adventure with danger, slow-burn romance, humor, and delicious descriptions of food. It was enjoyable to read and kept me turning the pages to learn what happened next. Cal is a regular guy trying to make the best of it in the city of Chicago. He works at his construction job, spends time with his boyfriend Jin, and does what he can to keep his head up. But one night, his whole life changes. Now, Cal must maneuver through this unexpected turn in his life; his strange powers, new friends, and dangerous enemies. Captain Stellar is a book about friendship, duty, and love. It has a mastermind villain and interesting cast of characters. I recommend this book if you are looking for something fun and sweet to read. The author, R.J. Sorrento, is working on the sequel and already released a short follow up story, “My Ex Has Superpowers” focusing on Jin’s story. If you like Captain Stellar also look for Sorrento’s regency mystery/romance “Death at Sagehollow” on their website.

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