Visit to Earthsea

the world is broken apart, the islands in the sea; our hearts are cold to the future we cannot see.   magic from the dark, tempting to the soul; the turn from light is stark when released upon the shoals.   knowledge must be gained, power understood; ever my life a hunt recompense for other’s... Continue Reading →


Who is this girl you think me to be? I am not her, I am only me. I do not know who she could be, This little girl you confuse with me. Sometimes she but always me, If only you could really see. I hide behind the smile of she, Who you think could ever... Continue Reading →

I Dream of Sleep

Sleeping pills Noice Machine Melatonin Music Special Pillows Early Bedtime Arms Around Me Separate Sides Marijuana Read A Book Weighted Blanket Peace of Mind


I am awake, they tell me it is safe to sleep, but my eyes are open; and I see the fear. I am awake, they try to make me sleep, but my eyes are open; and I see the hate. I am awake, they fight hard to put me to sleep, but my eyes are... Continue Reading →

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