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I have been in love with getting lost in stories for as long as I can remember. Stories offered an escape and a way to understand the world around me and the people in it. I started writing my own stories in my head years before I put them to paper, when I did, I wrote about a group of teenagers getting caught up in a government experiment gone horribly wrong. I’ve been writing ever since and hoped to share my stories with others. But, like any good story, my life is full of diversions and complications that kept me from my goal. I worked in the pet industry for nine years. First, as a sales associate at a pet store and then I trained and became certified as a pet groomer. I groomed pets for four years until an injury made work impossible. In all that time, I was still writing. I had ideas for stories that wouldn’t leave me alone until they were written. So, I began working for myself. I enrolled at Southern New Hampshire University and will soon graduate with a Bachelor’s in English and Creative Writing.

Writing is a wonderful responsibility. I love the challenge of writing and I enjoy the process. I want my stories to entertain while exposing people to the ideas of love, friendship, kindness, respect, and equality.

I write science fiction and fantasy stories. I live in Massachusetts with my husband, Michael and our cat, Pickles. I have a poem published in the Penmen Review titled No. This is a catalog of my fiction, poetry, and non-fiction writing. All opinions expressed are my own. All of the writing is original work.

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