The Endeavor

The Endeavor is a fantasy book about witches fighting an oppressive government while trying to find a new home for their people. It is set in an alternate version of earth where an earthquake has reshaped the planet. Citizens of the Kingdom live under the rule of the Church of the Faithful and witches are hunted for defying god. Nora is a scientist and sailor and wants to spend her life exploring the unknown depths of the sea. However, one night she overhears her father yelling and witnesses him committing a horrible crime. Now, Nora must forget the fantasy of being a researcher and instead discover the truth about her fathers work, her mother’s death, and the secrets that have been hidden from her for too long. As Nora finds allies in her friends, Jon and Sarah, she discovers the depths of the conspiracy. One which seeks to control peoples lives, use witches as puppets, and snuff out anyone opposed. Nora races to keep her friends from harm even as her world is torn apart by the lies her parents kept.

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