Cuddles in Space

Cuddles in Space is a science fiction adventure story which follows a dog and a cat on a space station.

Red is a dog who has spent his life in and out of foster homes. People decide Red is too big or too mean looking before they return him to the ARC: Animal Regulation Center. Today is another day where Red gets to meet a new family. While Red’s new family seems like a perfect fit, one member of it may put that in jeopardy. A cat named Pickles who has his own plans for life on the station. Every cat Red has ever known has tried to hit him on the nose. Every dog Pickles has met has tried to touch his fur. Red must adjust to his new life, keep his new roommate Pickles out of trouble. But on Red’s first day he learns that Pickles has other things on his mind other than chasing bottle caps across the floor. When the cat sneaks out of the house at night, Red learns more about what life is really like on the station, and that there may be more to the ARC than he knew. Now Red must decide if he is going stay inside and enjoy life with his new humans or help Pickles find what he lost.

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